Interested in joining?

  1. If you've never shot a handgun before, come along check out the club, talk with some members and do a supervised shoot first (bookings required).
    • All clubs are different and they shoot different disciplines. Calibre Sports shoots IPSC which is dynamic, challenging, and one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the world today.
    • Clubs are social places. Spend some time meeting and talking with people, make sure the club is a good fit for you as much as you are for it.
    • Visit multiple times, practice days are different to competition days and you will meet different people and see different shooting activities.
  2. Make sure you meet with a committee member at the range.
    • We'll have a few general questions for you and we'll be able to answer any questions you might have.
  3. Collect an application form from the range.
    • Once returned the committee will review your application at the next meeting.
  4. Once the committee approves your membership start your licence application
    • Get started on your Provisional Licence application.
    • Book for the next handgun safety course offered by Calibre Sports.
  5. Once you have your Provisional Licence and have compeleted the hundgun safety course you need some training.
    • All new members need to complete 3 sessions of training. The first needs to be compeleted before you can compete in a competition.
    • 1st Session done? Now you can compete in a competition.
    • Don't stress, all new members shoot together where you'll be able to learn from each other and have some very experienced shooters on hand to guide you.
  6. After completing the minimum requirements of the Provisional Licence, apply for your General Category Handgun Licence.
    • You need to hold your Provisional Licence for between 6 & 12 months before you can apply for a General Handgun Licence
    • You also need to compete in 5 matches and complete the 3 training sessions.
  7. You'll find lots of additional information on the Victoria Police website.

Once you have a General Category Handgun Licence, you can apply for a "Permit to Acquire" a handgun, shoot unsupervised and supervise others.

You don't have to purchase your own handgun; you can shoot at the club using the club guns if you wish (hire fees apply).

Membership Types and Yearly Fees

Adult Membership ($280)
  • Singles aged 18 years and older
    • 8 hours of working bee activities are required

Junior Membership
  • Singles aged 12-18 years old
    • No working bee activities are required

Pensioner Membership
- Pensioner Concession Card Holders ($140)
  • Singles aged 65 years and over
    • 8 hours of working bee activities are required

Family Membership
  • Adult couple
  • Adult couple with children aged 12-21 years old*
  • Single parent with children aged 12-21 years old*
    • 8 hours of working bee activities for each person over 21yo is required
* Children aged 18-21yo must be depends in full time study

Like to experience Handgun Shooting before you join?

Anyone over the age of 12 years, who is not deemed a "Prohibited Person" can experience handgun shooting in Victoria. We offer Supervised Shoots on our practice days (See Competition page for dates) where you can experience shooting a handgun under the instruction of an experienced shooter. Cost is $60 which includes administration fee, gun hire and ammunition (approx 50 rounds). You'll need to bring two forms of identification and complete a Notification of Receiving Instruction (NORI) form.

Bookings can be made two weeks before the practice day via the bookings page above.